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Key fobs
Key fobs turned in oak.

Oak key fobs

28 March 2017

Rather than a bunch of keys, here is a bunch of key fobs!

A second batch of 25 key fobs made to the same design as those below. This allows the hotel to have two key fobs for each room, plus a few spare for sale to guests.


Key fobs
Wooden key fobs turned in oak and pyrographed with room names.

Castle key fobs

22 February 2017

A batch of 25 key fobs, turned in oak and based on the shape of a Staunton chess castle. They were made for Amberley Castle Hotel in West Sussex, and each is pyrographed with the name of a castle, reflecting the names of their rooms. The design is based around a gold plated keyring set, and is obviously adaptable to other shapes. More

Duke of Edinburgh Award trophy
Duke of Edinburgh Award trophy, turned from ash.

Duke of Edinburgh

20 February 2017

A trophy made for Denefiled School in Reading, to be given to the best student on their Duke of Edinburgh Award programme. CHARACTER is an acronym for something, but I cannot remember what it stands for.

The trophy is made from ash, with a map reading compass in the centre. The base is designed to hold a 6 x 2 inch engraving plaque to record annual winners. More

Acorn finial
Top goalscorer of the year trophy for a football club in Derbyshire. (Winners name deliberately blurred out.)

Football trophy

20 February 2017

This trophy was developed in consultation with Richard, a customer who provided an initial idea for his football club's Top Goalscorer trophy. A few emails back and forth and we agreed upon this as the final version. The ball is 5 inches in diameter, made of sycamore with 12 pyrographed pentagons, each with the club's fox logo. The three struts are rosewood, and it stands on a triangular olive ash base. More

Football trophy
Scientists of the year trophy for primary schools in London

Science trophy

15 February 2017

A request from David for a primary school science trophy resulted in this microscope design. The piece is all turned from oak, and stands about ten inches tall on a seven inch diameter base. More

Acorn finial
Finial made for a summerhouse, bare wood for painting, 8 inches by 11 inches

Acorn finial

12 February 2017

Another finial for a summerhouse. This one is on an 8 inch base and is about 11 inches tall. It was supplied untreated, so that the customer, Gary, can paint it to match his summerhouse. I am told the summerhouse is hexagonal in shape. More

Summerhouse finial
Finial made for a summerhouse in London.

Summerhouse finial

12 February 2017

Linda sent a picture of the finial I made for her, on top of her newly built summerhouse in London. The room is cedar shingles, on top of painted walls. The finial was provided untreated, for painting to match the main summerhouse. This is one of the largest finials I have made to date. More

Airsports trophy
Airsports trophy to be awarded for the first paraglider circuit of Rutland Water

Airsports trophy

5 February 2017

Hugh requested a trophy based on a design with a disc resting on a plinth, but with some specific details. An osprey pyrographed in the centre, space to attach a horseshoe on the front, a map of Rutland on top of the base, and an inscription on the base. This is to be awarded to the first person to complete a circuit of Rutland water by paraglider, a feat apparently as yet unachieved. More

Chisel retirement gift
Pen turned in yew, with a pyrographed box with sun, moon and stars emblem

Maddie's pen

20 January 2017

A slimline pen turned in yew. The box is pyrographed with a sun, moon and stars emblem: the pen was made for Maddie, who is fascinated by the night sky and astronomy.


Chisel retirement gift
Chisel turned from brown iveory, resting on an inscribed oak plinth.

"Chiseler" retirement gift

11 January 2017

My first use of a timber from Mozambique known as brown ivory. A hard, closely grained wood which turns well. Used for this retirement gift for champion chiseler Nick. More

Christmas tree ornaments turned from yew
Large burr oak bowl

16" burr oak bowl

30 December 2016

A large burr oak bowl, sixteen inches in diameter and standing about three inches tall. The multiple swirls of grain amongst pips and cracks brings this piece of timber to life, and no attempt has been made to fill any of the small fissures or bark intrusions. A unique piece: like a fingerprint, there will be many similar, but only one with this patterning. More

Tea light holders in yew
A trio of tea light holders turned from a single branch of yew

Tea light trie

30 December 2016

Three tea light holders turned as a set, all from a single yew log. Heights are about 3, 4 and 5 inches. and base diameter 2.5 inches. A wax candle likeness comes from the creamy white sapwood of the log, while some character breaks through in the orange brown heartwood, revealed as the diameter decreases towards the top of the holders. More

There is a gallery of tea light and candle holders.


Christmas tree ornaments turned from yew
Christmas trees turned from yew branches

Christmas trees

21 December 2016

Some Christmas trees, turned from single pieces of small branches of yew. They are just about three inches tall, and about an inch in diameter.

The trees have been highly polished with three coats of wax, finishing with a hard wearing carnauba wax.


Acorn keyrings
Acorn keyrings turned from evergreen oak.

Acorn keyrings

21 December 2016

Nine acorn keyrings, made just slightly larger than real acorns - about an inch long and half an inch wide. Made from evergreen oak, with the end pyrographed to resemble the acorn cup. All slightly different shapes, as real acorns would be.

The keyring is gold plated, fastened to a stud which slots into a tube that goes through the centre of the acorn. More

Mouse repairs
Severely chewed mouse - victim of a pet dog attack
Mouse turned in laburnum
Replacement mouse, turned from laburnum and warned to beware of the dog

Chewed mouse and replacement

15 December 2016

A little laburnum mouse turned in response to a plea for help. Gayle contacted me to ask if I could do a replacement for the one that her dog had got hold of and chewed. Her daughter's favourite. More

Religious Studies trophy
Religious studies trophy in oak and yew
Science trophy
Science trophy in ash and yew

2016 School awards

14 December 2016

Malton School had a second Celebration Evening this week, with 31 trophies being presented for excellence, endeavour and representation in subjects and school life. Subject trophies attempt to symbolise some element of the subject - as for religion and science shown here. More

Plinth mounted circular trophy shields
Oak playing card holders, about 30 cm long.

Card holders

9 December 2016

Sarah asked if I could make some card holders for playing card and board games. 30cm long with a 5mm groove at the top to slot the cards in. A slight taper from centre to ends, and slightly different ends give an individual style to each one. More

Plinth mounted circular trophy shields
Two 10" diameter trophies, to be awarded for Design Technology and Computing work.

Computing and Design awards

5 December 2016

Sue commissioned two trophies to mark her retirement after 24 years as a higher level teaching assistant at a school in Devon. These two 10" diameter discs have a flat ring turned on them, to allow the placing of engraving shields annually to mark the winners.


Acorn finial
Acorn keyrings, turned in oak of course.

Oak nut keyrings

1 December 2016

Andrew requested two acorn key rings with the simple inscription "Oak Nut". Apparently this is a family joke stemming from one autumn when his brother pointed out all the "oak nuts" under a large oak tree.

The acorns are about 2 inches long and over an inch wide, with a tube down the centre holding the pip and the ring. More

Acorn finial
Acorn finial with base for a summerhouse in London

28 November 2016

Linda requested a large acorn finial for her new summerhouse down in London. After some discussion as to how large would be appropriate, we settled on an 11 inch tall acorn on a 14 inch diameter base. To create the requested 4 inch thickness for the base, three pieces of ash were used, in the end amounting to about 5 inches high.


Chisel trophy
Two chisels on bases, intended as Design Technology awards.

Design Technology awards

3 November 2016

Jermaine requested two more chisels to act as Design Technology Awards at a school in Tottenham. These two are "black" walnut on oak bases. They are inscribed on both sides of the plinth.


Turned wooden pens
Slimline pens turned from evergreen oak with presentation boxes.

Oak pens and presentation boxes

22 October 2016

Ron also requested five pen sets with inscribed boxes. The pens here are Slimline twist pens with satin gold metal parts, turned from evergreen oak (quercus ilex). More

Tea light trio
Tea light trio turned from holly on an ash base.

Tea light trio

22 October 2016

Ron requested a tea light trio with some dedications on the barrels. This little set is made from holly, a slightly unusual wood to come across for woodturning. It is white when cut, but turns a greyish brown as it ages. This has a little speckling and spalting in it to make it more interesting. The inscriptions are pyrographed on.


Thistle finial for summerhouse
Stained cedarwood finial in situ
School award trophies
Thistle finial on top a corner summerhouse in Edinburgh.

Thistle summerhouse finial

18 October 2016

Adam, who requested a thistle finial back in August, was kind enough to send me a photo of the finished product on his summerhouse, stained to match the rest of the building. . More

Oak burr skeleton clock
Small cricket trophy in ash and padauk
School award trophies
A house cup, awarded to the student with the most housepoints in a year.

School awards for celebration evening

6 October 2016

Two trophies made for Malton School's Key Stage 3 Celebration Evening. A Young Cricketer trophy, made from ash and padauk, and a House Cup turned from oak. Just two of 27 trophies made for the event. More

Wooden peg solitaire
Two triangle peg solitaires

Oak peg solitaire puzzles

6 October 2016

Two triangle peg solitaire puzzles, made as awards for the winners of the Junior and Intermediate Maths Challenge at Malton School. The pegs are (wooden) golf tees, the boards are oak. The badge is enamel. the inscriptions are pyrographed.


Chestnut burr skeleton clock
Skeleton clock in burr horse chestnut

Horse chestnut burr

20 September 2016

Another clock, this time made from a piece of burr horse chestnut. This one has a four inch diameter skeleton clock movement, slightly smaller to accommodate the large burr.

Full of character, I make these burr clocks when I find burrs - they can be hard to make to order as the burrs are not readily available..


Oak burr skeleton clock
Burr oak skeleton clock
Oak burr skeleton clock
Burr oak skeleton clock.

Oak burr skeleton clocks

18 September 2016

Two burr oak mantel clocks, with 5 inch diameter skeleton movements. A popular item, but be aware that they can only be made when suitable burrs "come up", and no two will be alike. More

Chisel trophy
Another chisel gift, with an intriguing inscription.

Chisel gift

13 September 2016

Another chisel 'trophy', made as a gift for Sophia, with an intriguing inscription requested by Jack. Made in sonokeling rosewood, with a cedarwood base. More

Oak communion tray
A tray for communion wine glasses, made from oak.

Communion tray

9 September 2016

A communion tray for Caton Baptist Church, designed to hold forty communion wine glasses.

The whole piece is made from oak, with two boards planed and smoothed, a turned handle, turned spacers between the layers, and turned button feet. More

Thistle finial
A large roof finial turned from cedar wood.

Thistle roof finial

26 August 2016

A roof finial for a summerhouse, based on a similar item I have made in the shape of an acorn. This piece stands about 12 inches high, and is 7 inches wide at the base. It is made from cedarwood - used for its high resistance to rot - and left untreated so that a stain can be applied by the customer to match the rest of his summerhouse.

Being a thistle, it will come as no surprise that the customer lives in Edinburgh. More

Acorn finial for summerhouse
Acorn summerhouse finial in cedar

Acorn finial

15 August 2016

Another acorn finial, this time for my own use in the garden. I recently refurbished a twenty year old pergola which had become weighed down with ivy and suffering some rot. I put a roof on, covered with felt shingles, and then put this on to top it all off, with a roof boss underneath. The acorn is cedar, the base is ash. More

Peg looms
Peg looms in ash and pine

Peg looms

8 August 2016

Two more peg looms made for a lady I used to work with.

Thirty dowel pegs with a small hole in for threading the wool, all in an ash base. Just over two feet long. No woodturning involved anywhere in these, just drilling and planing. More

Oak mantelpiece
Cricket trophy in ash and padauk

Memorial trophy

29 July 2016

Another cricket trophy. This one is to be presented at an annual challenge match between Harrow Wanderers and Gemini, to be played on 31 July. It is in memory of a former club member, A J N Dawson.

Like other recent cricket trophies, it is made from ash, with olive ash for the base, and padauk for the ball. Everything was finished with three coats of wax, the final coat being carnauba. More

Oak mantelpiece
Oak mantelpiece with turned supports.

Oak mantelpiece

26 July 2016

A solid oak mantelpiece resting on turned oak supports, made to measure for my sister-in-law to fit above this small electric stove. It was based on a similar mantelpiece which I have in my own home.

The oak is in its natural colour, quite light, and there is a small amount of burr in the supports.

Everything was finished with three coats of wax, the final coat being carnauba. More

Leadership award
Leadership award for Ringwood School.

Leadership award

14 July 2016

A lady who was retiring wished to donate a trophy to her school, to be awarded for leasdership. Discussion about suitable symbols led to a chess-theme, with four different sized pawns and a king or queen figure in the centre, The piece was made from olive ash and sapele, in recognition of the lady's name (Olive). Pyrography was used to add an inscription and a school badge. More

Chisel award
Resistant Materials Award for a Northumberland Park Community School, Tottenham.

Chisel award

9 July 2016

Another chisel as a resistant materials award for Northumberland Park School in Tottenham. Bubinga on an oak base. More

Maths award
Progress in Maths Award for Mount Pleasant Lane Primary School in St Albans.

Maths pentagon

6 July 2016

Another pentagonal trophy to be presented as a maths achievement award at a primary school in St Albans. The whole piece is made from sycamore with some lovely rippling, and is about 10 inches across by 12 inches high. Inscriptions are pyrographed onto the base and the centre of the trophy, and this year's winner is noted on the small pentagonal shield attached to the trophy at the top. More

Acorn awards
Acorn Recognition Awards for Atkins Aerospace group in Cheltenham.

Acorn awards

20 June 2016

Five more spalted beech acorn awards, this time for Atkins Aerospace company in Cheltenham. Some really nice spalting in this wood, with marked contrasts from creamy white to black. Pyrography was used to add the inscriptions on the trophy bases. Quite large, at 4 inches wide, by 9 inches tall. More

Flame awards
Flame design "Woody Awards" for Logs Direct

Flame awards

10 June 2016

Six more flame trophies for kiln-dried wood providers Logs Direct. These are made in spalted beech, and are awarded to a wood fired restaurant each month as a "woody award". Obviously the design is made to match the context of the award.


peg loom
A peg loom made from pine. About 24" long, 2" square.

Peg loom

8 June 2016

Another unusual request. No woodturning involved in this one, just some general woodworking skills. This is a peg loom - wood is threaded onto each peg and then is woven to make a cloth. The block at the front of the picture was the model for the loom, the one at the rear is my copy. More

wedding log
A large slice of ash, sanded and sealed and inscribed for Kim and Jayson on their wedding day.

Wedding log

28 May 2016

An unusual request - a "wedding log". The idea is that guests at the wedding all sign their names on the wood. The scale is lost in the photo - this is a slice of ash, 3 feet long, 1 foot wide sanded, sealed and inscribed.


Outdoor pursuits award
Personalised outdoor pursuits award in olive ash, with a Karrimor compass in the centre.

Outdoor pursuits trophy

23 May 2016

This trophy was requested by a man in Cornwalll who wanted to present it to a former teacher who had led an expedition to climb the big peaks in Britain way back in 1973. This included Ben Nevis.

The trophy is made from olive ash. The plinth was made large enough to take a brass plaque which the customer was going to attach. More

Acorn keyrings
Keyrings in oak, with pyrography used to create the cup. Gold plate ring and studs.

Acorn keyrings

18 May 2016

A selection of acorn keyrings in different sizes. They all have the same gold key ring kit, but vary in width from about 7/8 inch to 1 3/4 inches. The ruler is in the photograph to give some idea of scale.

All are made from oak, with pyrography used to give the cup effect.


Child's stool
Children's stool in ash with Thomas the Tank Engine pyrography.

Child's stool

16 May 2016

A child's four-legged stool with a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine pyrographed on the seat, similar to the Bertie Bus stool I made a couple of years ago. In fact this one is for the same family. There is also an inscription around the rim of the school, marking Thomas James' birthday.

The whole stool is made in ash, which adds an interesting grain pattern to the picture. More

Summerhouse acorn finial
A roof finial for an octagonal summerhouse, in cedar.

Acorn finial

23 April 2016

A request for an acorn finial for a summerhouse. This is 12" tall overall, with a 9" base and 4" wide acorn. All made in cedar, used for its high resistance to the effects of the weather. It was left untreated as the customer is going to paint it to match his summerhouse. A roof boss was also made in the same wood, to fit inside the summerhouse at the apex of the roof.


Money Barrel
A barrel shaped money box in spalted beech

Money box

16 April 2016

A lady requested a money box in spalted beech, and particularly liked the more barrel-shaped versions. I confess I agree with her taste, and I will probably make all future money boxes more barrel shaped.

This customer collects small wooden items, and enjoys the spirituality of them, often taking a piece with her to the woods or the mountains for a quiet, contemplation amongst the wood still growing. More

Steve Fearnley
Turning an oak blank into a small hand-size trophy.

Turning demonstration

11 April 2016

I gave my first woodturning demonstration last week, to the members of Snainton Woodturning Club. A couple of hours showing how I turn trophies (using an individual disc trophy as an example) and how I add inscriptions using pyrography. There is a fairly full illustrated write-up of the demonstration on the Snainton Woodturning Club website.

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Footprints in the snow
Frogs gathering in the pond in early March.

Frogs' arrival

12 March 2017

The frogs arrived this week with the onset of a few days of mild weather and sunshine. Lots of frogspawn resulted in between the rushes and irises. Hopefully this will survive the inevitable frosty days yet to come. Newts are also in the pond - but harder to photograph!

Footprints in the snow
Footprints in the snow on a cold January morning. Mainly blackbirds.

Footprints in the snow

18 January 2017

Not much exciting happening in the garden at the moment, though the heathers are coming in to flower and snowdrops are beginning to push through. At least the birds provided some patterns in the brief snowfall last week, before the grey damp misty days returned.

Apple picker
Wolfcraft apple picker on extending pole

Apple picker

19 October 2016

Climbing apple trees for picking is not the easiest or safest pursuit, and waiting for them to drop if you have a hard surface underneath means cuts and bruises (to the apples), so this apple picker is a good find. Made by Wolfcraft, it fits on the end of their extending pole, and is simply a nylon bag with a toothed ring around the top. A twist and the apple is bagged. The pole doubles up with a saw attachment for high level pruning.

Aspilia Barsilian Gold
Long lasting pot plant aspilia Brasilian Gold

Aspilia Brasilian Gold

19 October 2016

The Aspilia Brasilian gold continues to flower and increase in size, its flowers now dangling over the pot far enough to rest on the table. I am guessing the first frost is going to finish it off, unless I take it into the greenhouse and let it continue for a while longer. Getting on for four months now since first planted up. It needs plenty of water, though a couple of times when it has dired up, it comes back to life once given some liquid.

Tulip tree, Dalemain
200 year old Liriodendron tulipifera in front of Dalemain house.
Holly trees, Wentworth Castle
Renovated holly trees in the Union Jack garden at Wentworth Castle

Tulip tree and holly stumps

15 October 2016

A little updating on the gallery of trees which is on this site, spotted on travels through the year. These two are a 200 year old tulip tree at Dalemain, near Penrith on the edge of the Lake District, and a renovated holly tree in the gardens at Wentworth Castle, near Barnsley. There are many more on the trees pages.

Dahlias at Newby Hall
Massed ranks of dahlias in borders at Newby Hall

Dahlias at Newby Hall

8 September 2016

There always seems to be something for all seasons at Newby Hall gardens, near Ripon. Lots of colour still in evidence on our last visit, including two shamelessly brilliant colourful dahlia borders near the restaurant. Also in evidence as cut flowers in the Hall itself, spotted on an interesting guided tour of the house.

Parcevall Hall Gardens
A quiet corner at the end of one of the terraces at Parcevall Hall.

A quiet corner at Parcevall Hall

6 September 2016

Parcevall Hall Gardens near Appletreewick in the Yorkshire Dales is not the easiest of places to visit, tucked away on a hill up a quiet valley. But that is no doubt part of its charm, a beautiful, tranquil place for calm and reflection, away from busy modern life.

Aspilia Barsilian Gold
Long lasting pot plant aspilia Brasilian Gold

Aspilia Brasilian Gold

29 August 2016

This has been a good find this year. Aspilia Brasilian gold, sold as a patio plant or hanging basket plant. I bought four small plants and put them in a 12 inch pot and they have bushed out and flowered for a couple of months now. Still going strong..

Roof boss
A roof boss in a pergola in Thornton le Dale. Olive ash.

Roof boss in olive ash

20 August 2016

A new roof and turned roof boss for a twenty year old pergola. This is the underside of the acorn finial pictured in the woodturning section. The two pastimes occassionally merge. A few detals of the original building plus this year's renovation project are on the site. More.

Threave gardens
The patio design area at Threave gardens

Threave garden in Scotland

2 August 2016

The patio garden at Threave in Dumfries and Galloway. A National Trust for Scotland training garden, it has different areas showcasing different types of garden design. A brilliant place for picking up ideas that might fit in your own garden.

Helmsley Walled Garden
One of the long herbacious borders at Helmsley Walled Garden

Helmsley Walled garden

30 July 2016

A delightful visit to Helmsley Walled Garden, on a sunny day when the massed colours were at their best. We visited this garden when Alison Ticehurst first started the renovation project in 1994, and have seen it mature into the brilliant garden it is today. We will be back!

Mirehouse garden
An old yew tree avenue and fernery in the beehive garden

Mirehouse beehive garden

23 June 2016

The Mirehouse is a beautiful light-filled country manor house near the shores of Bassenthwaite Lake. Frequented by Tennyson and other poets in the past. Today the gardens offer a pleasant walk through woodland, scented ornamental planting in the beehive garden (a rejuvenated walled garden) and other planting around the house.

Muslin moth
The Dalemain blue poppy, one of many delightful plants in the extensive gardens

Dalemain poppy

21 June 2016

The deep blue flowers of the Dalemain poppy, photographed on site at the impressive gardens at Dalemain House in the Lake District, near Penrith. Meconopsis grandis Dalemain grow in abundance in a semi-wild area of the gardens, two to three feet high.

Askham Hall gardens
Terraces planted with shrub roses and herbaceous plants. Yew topiary in the background.

Askham Hall

19 June 2016

Askham Hall near Penrith is now a boutique hotel, but the garden is open to visitors. And what a lovely garden, with meadow, woodland, long terraces, topiary, and a large, working kitchen garden. Providing food for a delightful cafe on site. Developing furhter, with new planting in evidence.

Lowther Castle Garden
Irises planted in the 2011 restoration and revelation garden in front of the old hall ruins.

Lowther Castle

18 June 2016

A visit to Lowther Castle near Penrith, where Dan Pearson has designed a garden around and inside the ruined stately home. Also in the woods are the remains of pleasure gardens and Japanese gardens - the outlines have been excavated, but not restored. A work in progress, it will be worth revisiting in a couple of years time

Muslin moth
Female muslin moth

Muslin moth

12 June 2016

This impressive visitor was found resting on our front door one day. A little internet research on ukMoths.org.uk reveals it was a female muslin moth, diaphora mendica. Apparently the male is a dull brown in comparison. Described as quite common, but it is the first time we have spotted this one in the garden. I hope its caterpillars eat the dock and chickweed that the website mentions, and not our plants.

Granny's bonnets flowering in late May


30 May 2016

Columbine, Granny's bonnets, or aquilega. These plants have been with us since we arrived 30 years ago. They self seed around the garden, and come up in a variety of colours ranging from dark purple to white. We let them grow where they want to, occasionally pulling out the odd plant that doesn't fit with its surroundings.

A tall upright fern. Not sure of its name.


23 May 2016

The ferns have been unfurling in their almost primeval way. We have a variety of different types, but sadly I forgot to make a note of what each one was as we planted them. This one has a tall, erect habit and is one of the last to unfurl.

Hazel catkins
Catkins on the hazel in early March


18 March 2016

Almost the spring equinox, and a few days of sunshine (though not a lot of warmth otherwise) has brought out the catkins on the corkscrew hazel. This is a shrub for all seasons, with the contorted branches highlighted in winter, the catkins in spirng, the curious leaves in summer, and then the clusters of hazel nuts in autumn. Very popular with the birds as a perch..

Rhododendrons at Nawton Towers
One of 35 gardens mentioned in my Virtual Tour of Yorkshire Gardens talk

Rhododendrons at Nawton Towers

25 February 2016

I gave a talk to Boston Spa Gardening Society yesterday evening, entitled A Virtual Tour of Yorkshire Gardens, the first time I have given this talk for a few years now. Slides from the talk, plus a map of Yorkshire showing where the gardens are, and brief notes on each, are available in the Garden Talks section.

Snowdrops at Burton Agnes
Snowdrops in their millions throughout the woodland. Notice the carex pendula (weeping sedge) at the front of the picture. I wonder if it is invading, or under control?

Snowdrops at Burton Agnes

23 February 2016

A carpet of snowdrops covers the ground in the woodland at Burton Agnes Hall, near Driffield. The grounds are open to see this spectacle, although the house remains closed for a few more weeks. The snowdrop coverage is really very extensive, not just a few patches here and there.

Box blight
Is it the dreaded box blight

Bare patches on box

17 January 2016

Very worrying bare patches have developed on two low growing box hedges in the last two months. I have seen box blight in gardens around the country. Is this it? I have a lot of box topiary in the garden, I hope it is not all going to be attacked. Other bushes are not showing symptoms as yet.

Stick Man
Stick Man spotted in the garden.

Stick man

17 January 2016

Watching Julia Donaldson's and Axel Sheffler's Stick Man animation over Christmas made me look in the stick basket (I save reasonable sized twiggy clippings to use as kindling). And look who I should find - a friend of Stick Man. To be honest he is actually two sticks glued together, but please don't tell my granddaughters that I have cheated. Having watched the film, I will probably now spend every visit to the stick basket looking for potential stick friends.

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