Computing and Design Trophies

Computing and design trophies
Trophies for computing and design, with plinths, to accept annual engraving shields.
Guide Price: £60 - £75
Availability: Commission
Wood: Oak
Size 10" dia x 2"
Reference TR189, 190
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Description of work

These two trophies were commissioned by a lady in Devon, who was leaving her school after 24 years as a teaching assistant, and wanted to donate some trophies in her memory. The centrepiece is a pyrographed angel which is a key symbol for the school. Lettering on the disc and on the plinth carries the title and dedications. One has some jogsaw pieces added, an element requested to reflect the Design Technology aspect. The outer band of the discs is flat, and wide enough to accept engraving shields, to be added annually with the winners' names.

Other options are shown below. Should anyone want a similar trophy based on this design, as a guide work on the disc being £45, add £20 for the plinth and rear peg, and £5- £10 for a centrepiece and some inscription.

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