Golf trophy

Carved wooden golf trophy
Golf trophy carved and turned from a variety of hardwoods
Guide Price £60
Availability: Commission
Wood: bubinga, oak, ebony, beech

Size. Main Base:

12" x 3"
4 "
Reference TR201
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Description of work

Gary requested a golf trophy with a golf club and ball, similar to the chisel trophies which rest on a long flat plinth. Here is the result. It was made to be presented as part of a golfing tour.

The club is modelled on a golf driver, with the head made from bubinga, the shaft from evergreen oak and the handle from ebony. It rests on a ball made from spalted beech, and the whole rests on an oak plinth. It is inscribed for the Godfrey Larque Winner using pyrography. The ball has a caption on it - "Duffer - fore!", which no doubt is a private joke amongst the players involved in the tour.

The trophy is finished with three coats of wax - Tripoli first, then White Diamond, then carnauba to finish, producing a hard wearing, high sheen coating.


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Golf trophy
Side view of golf trophy with club badge pyrographed on


Elm, sycamore, spalted beech, walnut, acacia, ebony

More Detail

Golf trophy
Rear view of golf trophy with sponsor's dedication


Elm, sycamore, spalted beech, walnut, acacia, ebony